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Companion post for my PyCon 2018 talk on async concurrency using Trio

The talk itself:

(I'm afraid you probably need LibreOffice, and ideally the Montserrat and Deja Vu Sans Mono, to view the slides properly. I haven't posted a PDF because LibreOffice's PDF export makes a mess of slides containing animations.)

Chat: Questions? You're watching the talk months later on youtube? That's cool, you can discuss it on the Trio forum, or we hang out on Gitter chat.

Sprint info: I'll be here at PyCon for the first two days of the sprint – if you want to contribute to Trio, or just play around with it while sitting next to me, then that'd be awesome! Note that we give out commit rights to everyone as soon as their first PR is merged.

Trio's tutorial and reference manual: https://trio.readthedocs.io

Code and issues: https://github.com/python-trio/trio

Articles: For more background on the ideas in Trio:

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